Next week's reading and all deadlines finalized

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Next week's reading and all deadlines finalized

Postby ShawnMiller » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:25 pm

A new announcements:

  • The reading for next week (there is only one) has been posted; it is on epigenetics.
  • As you will see on the schedule, I have pushed back the due date for the Writing Project from Wednesday to Thursday.
  • As is also reflected on the schedule, please submit your Writing Projects to me via email as PDF file attachments.
  • As mentioned in class, by default the Take-home Final is worth 30%. If you prefer the Writing Project to be worth 30% (and the Take-home Final to be worth 25%), please indicate that at the top of your Writing Project document.
  • As mentioned in class, you can collaborate with others (in groups of up to four members) on the Take-home Final. You can even turn in identical answers. However, every group member must still turn in his or her own Take-home final to the forum, and you must list who the members of your group were on your final.

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